All - India Debate Competition

We the Desalites of St. Francis de Sales Public school feel proud and honored to inform that our school reached the finals of the All – India Inter- Province Fr. Peter Mermier Debate Competition which was organized by St. Francis De Sales Sr. Sec. School, Delhi on 26th of September, 2020. The competition was opened to the students of the schools of MSFS Provinces across India. Each province was represented by two speakers (one ‘for’ the motion and one ‘against’) and one interjector. The topic for the debate was quite current and apt-


All three participants from our school not only reached the finals but also won prizes in all three categories. The ‘Debate’ brought before us different aspects of the ‘COVID Times’. At the end of the competition, the jury spoke highly of all the debaters for their logical arguments. Our speakers presented well argumentative points with confidence and brought home the trophies.

Sneha N Shastri- Best Speaker
For the Motion
Prize Rs 3000
Shreyan C Rai – Best Speaker
Against the Motion
Prize Rs 3000
Vritant Chopra - Second Best-Interjector
Prize Rs 1000