Examinations & Promotions

It is in the interest of the child and the school that no one is promoted to a higher class until she/he has assimilated the subjected matter of the lower class. Requirements for promotion to a higher class are the following.

Stds : VII – IX

A pass in English, Second language ( Hindi / Kannada) , Mathematics and in at least five of the following subjects: History, Geography, EVE, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Hindi or Kannada. (if taken as third language) An average of 40% in History, Geography, 40% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology 40% in Kannada or Hindi ( third language)

A student who fails in the same class two consecutive years will be required to leave the school following the failure.

Nursery and Primary children are not failed in their classes. They are held back for a period of time until they reach the expected level of learning

Besides the terminal and annual examinations, there will be Unit tests and the result of which also will be taken into account for promotion. Students who are absent for the Terminal and Annual Examinations for any reason other than sickness justified by a doctor’s certificate, will be considered as having failed.

All pupils should take the examination as and when they are conducted. Perfect order and discipline should be maintained during the examinations and tests. Pupils found guilty of any malpractice will be subjected to stern disciplinary action. No re-exam for any test or examination shall be conducted as a rule.

Malpractice, such as copying during the examinations, will be seriously dealt with. Those indulging in malpractice will be awarded zero in that paper and consequently not considered for promotion.

For the purpose of promotion a student to a higher standard, the year’s record of work will be taken into account along with the marks of the Annual Examination.

The year’s work consists of the following :

(a) The Unit Test and the Terminal Examination.
(b) The day today written work, including composition, homework and daily lessons.
(c) The individual traits of character, such as good conduct, regularity and responsibility, cooperativeness, sociability etc.

If a pupil is not able to appear for the whole or part of an examination, due to valid reason, such a case will be considered on the strength of his /her year’s record.

All cases of doubt regarding promotions are left entirely to the discretion of the Principal and his decision shall be final. Results declared at the end of the year are final and they will not be reconsidered under any circumstances.

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