Houses System

Student of STD I to XII are divided into 4 houses:-

Neptune (Blue House)
Neptune the goddess of sea, like him they exuberate the qualities of leadership through perseverance and persistence.

Mercury (Yellow House)
Mercury, “The Messenger of God”, with humility and discipline they prove their mettle by striving hard in all that they do.

Venus (Red House)
Venus, “The Goddess of love”, anything can be wrought through love and kindness. These are the qualities imbibed and practiced to reach greater heights.

Saturn (Green House)
Saturn, “The God of agriculture”, as you sow, so shall you reap. They nurture the qualities of patience and hard work to reap success.

The houses compete with each other in Melange, Desparta, Kritva and other intra school activities.

The office bearers of students’ council are:
•The Head Boy - Pranish B
•The Asst Head Boy - SahilSaji
•The Head Girl - Leann Philo Thomas
•The Asst Head Girl - Sneha N Shastri

The Captains of the Houses:

        •Neptune (Blue House)
           •Captain: Yamuna
           •Vice Captain: Angeline J
           •Animator: Mrs. Jaya James

        •Mercury (Yellow House)
           •Captain: Hashuba N
           •Vice Captain: Payal G Choudhary
           •Animator: Mrs. Meenatchi

        •Venus (Red House)
           •Captain : Srinidhi Himani
           •Vice Captain: Anand D Savant
           •Animator: Mrs. Geeta Manna

        •Saturn (Green House)
           •Captain : Sunil Kumar
           •Vice Captain: Sooraj Siju
           •Animator: Mrs. Roseline

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