Milan ’16 was a pleasant evening to keep the body and soul together. On 19 of January the walls of our prestigious institution witnessed a domestic get together of the employees. The occasion was graced by the presence of Rev Fr Sebastian, Fr Christopher, Fr Tony, Fr Saji along with our very own Principal, Rev Fr Johnson. Adding flavour to the day, one of our staff members Mr Mohan encouraged the gathering to kindle a spark of light within, by being the host for the same. The pillars of SFS ICSE appeared on cloud nine when they were adorned with the eloquent words by their own family members as a part of the event. They even admitted to be a happy camper on the wheels of SFS ICSE by taking part in various games which were conducted for them. The delicious cuisine cemented together the homely bliss and the workplace taking the crown of the evening. Ultimately the event became a source of charm and gaiety to the souls

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