Desalite Commune’17


To take a walk down the corridors of nostalgia, the alumni meet, Desalite Commune was held on 15 August 2017. The meet started traditionally with the lighting of the lamp by the Principal, staff secretaries and student representatives.

Great bonhomie was observed everywhere with old students reliving their old memories with their batch mates, seniors and juniors. Many of the juniors were also seen interacting with their seniors and learning from their experiences. In all, the ambience was electric with people interacting with each other.

The representatives from ex-students were elected unopposed for the various posts of the committee. Mrs. Radhai and Mrs. Chandrika carried out the formalities of election for the formation of Alumni Association. The delicious food, the backdrop of the school and most of all old friends reuniting provided the perfect ingredients for a day to remember.

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