Principal 's Message

' Light Tomorrow with Today '

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Our brighter today implies someone else’s past sacrifice.

The concept of telephone dates back to the string telephone comprising of two diaphragms of tin, can and paper connected by wire. The classical example is children’s toy. The precursor to telephone was in 1833 by Carl Friedrich and Alexander. Graham bell is credited as the inventor for the practical telephone in 1876. It took more than 43 years to be where we are, able to connect anyone anywhere in the world.

Edison and his team of researchers tested more than 3000 designs for electric lamp between 1878- 1880 at Menlo Park. In 1879 Edison filed a patent for an electric lamp with a carbon filament. And today you can’t imagine a night without light and day without electricity discovered by Benjamin Franklin.

If you visit the museums you may come across displays how they used to do the surgical procedures in 1800s. Amputation was done on table, the injured person biting a wooden piece to stop from screaming. Luckily for us, anesthesia was discovered in the 19th century by Karl Keller.

Our forefathers have tried ways and means for years together to enhance the life of today’s humanity, the present age in every walk of life.

The modern man imagines of a life equaling himself to the Supreme Being all because of the sweat, blood and hard work of past. He boasts of travel from continent to continent, planet to planet but not faster than light. He feels he can reach hundred years of life expectancy but never eternity. He prides himself of instant communication with persons across the globe but does not know his neighbor next door. He thinks that the modern education has given him an ocean of knowledge which even can’t be compared to foolishness of God.

As the peacock is immersed in its glorious presentation forgetting its uglier side so does man intoxicated with the materialism and pompous infrastructure ignoring the perils of life.

The medical facilities have improved but more than half a million people die of cancer every year in India. Hundreds and thousands of schools have mushroomed across India but the illiteracy rate is steady at 25%. Travel is faster than the blink of an eye and so is death all over helped by fatal accidents. Old generation survived on one meal a day or with meager available menu. India retains the third position in obesity. Civilization is much more than what our forefathers imagined but the environment crisis is irredeemably exploited causing extreme climatic conditions, water shortage and food adulteration. All these are a dangerous sign for the future generation and the entire humanity at large.

Henceforth our task is to shoulder the responsibility to brighten tomorrow. Our education must be of the heart to understand the suffering humanity, the failing economy, polluted mind, moral degradation and the collapse of the entire system to make us think, act and belong to the present that we may give ourselves a brighter and a shining future to the generation next.

Rev. Fr. Johnson , MSFS
St. Francis de Sales Public School

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