VIII Seminar

Students of grade VIII had a two day’s seminar on the following topics.

On 27/01/2020 students of grade VIII had a seminar on Adolescence and healthy study habits by Ms. Cynthia Tauro, Child Psychologist and Developmental Therapist. She addressed the students on developmental tasks and challenges of adolescence. She also gave a detailed account of healthy study habits and goals to make teenage productive and memorable.

The seminar on 28/01/2020 was conducted by Mrs. Archana Sharma, School Psychologist & counsellor for Dristi Organization. She had an interactive session with students with regard to emotional intelligence in the digital world.

She presented various case studies and led the students into a brain-storming session to come up with creative ideas to deal with peer pressure, managing relationships. She gave the tips to handle media responsibly. Also shared a few incidents to develop their self-confidence.