'If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello'.
Paulo Coelho

Beginning and ending is a relentless cycle that we all see in every aspect of our lives. A year starts and a year ends only to give birth to another.

The siesta of February 6, 2020 couldn’t startle out our reverie of the farewell of Grade X by Grade IX. The event commenced with a prayer song followed by the lighting of the lamp by the Principal, the Class Teachers of Grade X and the students representatives of Grade X. the campus giggled heartily with the presentation of a humourous skit by the students of Grade IX followed by a melodious farewell song and a scintillating dance performance.

The oath taking was solemnized by the Principal for Grade X, with the students holding a lighted candle promising to uphold the virtues instilled in them by their alma mater for a lifetime. The aura echoed in silence while the Principal addressed the gathering followed by the Class Teachers and a few students of Grade X with their memorabilia. The next awaited moment of the joyous afternoon was ‘a happy appetite’. The celebration ceased with a luscious lunch witnessing happy faces with indelible memories.