Kritva And Furaha

The most awaited Science and Art exhibition-Kritva, along with Furaha-an event to help the underprivileged of Africa, was held on 14th December 2019, in SFS Public school. It was an excellent opportunity given to the students to exhibit their ideas through various models, which they prepared on their own. The food fest held stirred the philanthropist in them.

The event began with an inaugural ceremony. Fr. Saabu Francis and Fr. Dorai Swamy presided over the programme. Throughout the day, students actively participated in the different events held. Parents who had turned up, enjoyed the day thoroughly. The participants and the non participants involved themselves completely. It was indeed a great day.

The day came to an end with a glorious concluding ceremony. Children of Kindergarten ignited the spirit of Christmas through their Act of Nativity. The Lucky draw – ‘Turn of the wheel’ increased the enthusiasm among the parents. All the winners of the lucky draw were delighted to receive their prizes.

Thus a magnificent day came to an end, spreading a lot of joy among all who took part in it. Sunitha Fernandes