Picnic Class V & VI

A day out to Bhagyalakshmi Farm
The 5th and 6th graders had a one day outing to Bhayalakshmi farm on 14/01/2020.
We were greeted well by the staff followed by a warm up activity. After a wonderful breakfast we started on our exploration of the farm.

Beginning with the live setups of how rivers are formed by transpiration and how oxygen is released by plants, we moved on to cattle rearing, exploration of the orchard with plantations of sapota, mangoes, bhel, mulberries, coconut, lime, pomelo and various spices like nutmeg, etc. We were mesmerised by the enormous knowledge of our guide. We stepped upon fodder making as well.

We broke for lunch around 1 pm but did not waste time, plunging ourselves into horticulture, pot making, bird exploration, etc. All the students were allowed to take home the post they made. We had an opportunity to feed the birds by taking them in our hands also getting the rarest opportunity to view rare turtles and species of birds, iguanas, rabbits, etc.

It was a fun filled day and we ended the day with high tea before we embarked on our journey back home.